My favourite things about Canada

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

Canada flag with Parliament in front

July 1, 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday and what better time to share with everyone all the reasons why I love Canada.  I was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga (20 minutes west of Toronto) and as much as I love travelling to different countries, I always feel at ease when I set foot on Canadian soil.  Here are a few reasons why I love Canada and why I am incredibly proud to be Canadian.

  1. Diversity

Being of Filipino descent, I felt accepted living and growing up in Canada.  I didn’t think twice about it as a student, but looking back now it’s amazing how you can learn alongside classmates with so many different ethnicities. It didn’t matter where you were from, everyone could be your friend and it felt completely normal. The fact that in 1971, Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy just shows how diversity is a national asset. By doing so, Canada affirmed the value and dignity of all Canadian citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their language, or their religious affiliation. I’m proud to be a citizen of a country that values diversity.

  1. Great food

Because Canada is so diverse, it is not hard at all to find authentic and delicious food around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  No matter what you’re in the mood for – Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese, Colombian – the list goes on and on, and you can probably find it! When I visited Hong Kong last year I couldn’t wait to try some authentic dim sum. I took my first bite into a shumai (shrimp and pork dumpling) and my first thought was “delicious… and tastes just like home.” 😊

  1. Canada is beautiful

I live in Ontario but I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to four other provinces on an East Coast road trip that included Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Each province has something to offer and is so beautiful in its own way!

  1. Four seasons

In Canada we get to experience all four seasons and although I’m truly a summer person at heart – my parents are from a country with a tropical climate after all! – I truly appreciate the beauty that all four seasons bring. With the excitement that comes with the first snowfall to that day when I can finally swap out my winter coat for something lighter, I appreciate it all.

  1. Free health care

I’m thankful that I never have to decide between saving my money or going to see a doctor when I’m feeling sick. Need I say more?

  1. We’re polite

Canadians are stereotypically known to be polite. But what’s wrong with that?  People joke that Canadians say sorry too much and so much so that Ontario created the Apology Act, 2009Recent studies actually show that we’re more likely to say “thank you” than we say “sorry.” Ultimately, apologizing and showing gratitude are positive behaviours that lead to harmonious interactions and positive outcomes. These are manners that our parents try to instill in us from a very young age. So I’m happy to be known as a polite nation. It’s better than being known as a rude nation, right?

Check out this Maclean’s article for more reasons on what makes Canada great. What do you love about Canada? Whether you live here or came for a visit, let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “My favourite things about Canada”

    1. Thanks Jordan! I’m proud to be Canadian too 🙂 Canada is indeed a great country to live in. Of course there is always room for improvement and I hope that our fellow citizens continue to strive for greatness so it continues to be one of the top countries.


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