Cherry tomato, basil and balsamic glazed bruschetta recipe

I mentioned earlier that I’m a summer lover and one of the reasons are for the fresh, local, seasonal foods. But today, I had an extra special treat! The cherry tomato plant I had been caring for and watching grow over the last few weeks finally had some cherry tomatoes ripe enough for me to harvest and enjoy! Continue reading “Cherry tomato, basil and balsamic glazed bruschetta recipe”


Quick and healthy pita pizza

Do you ever have one of those work days where most of your hours are occupied by meetings but you know you have to update that presentation and send it to your boss by end of day. So you work through lunch and every single minute between meetings just to get that presentation in on time. You then dash out of the office and run (because you left too late to walk) a block to the closest subway station just to catch your train home. Wow. I feel exhausted just writing that. But I sometimes have days like that and I’m sure you do too. Continue reading “Quick and healthy pita pizza”